Using a Professional Is Best for Cleaning Tile and Grout

Tile floors are one of the most luxurious features in a beautiful home. With tile comes grout, and both are porous materials that can collect dirt and grime extremely easily. Keeping our tile and grout clean will make your home look and feel cleaner all of the time. When you put a lot of money into your beautiful floors, you should want them taken care of the best way possible.

Tile and grout are not included in that list of things that you should clean yourself at home. A professional cleaning is the only way to get grout up to 95% restored to its original look, and to keep it cleaner for longer. Grout absorbs lime scale, mold, mildew, dirt and oil. It is almost impossible to get all of this filth cleaned out of your grout and tile without a professional cleaning. A professional cleaning will whiten and brighten your dingy grout and prevent dirt, mildew and mold from getting underneath the tiles themselves. Repairing that problem would result in a costly and time consuming fix.

When we professionally clean your tile and grout, we will saturate the area with a special chemical that will uplift the dirt and emulsify the grime. We then use a cleaning tool that is different than anything found in stores. This tool will clean the tile and grout by using steam, and then will vacuum the dirt away. The dramatic difference in this step alone is almost unbelievable.

After the tile and grout are adequately cleaned and dried, a sealer is applied to the floor. This sealer will prevent stains from getting into the grout and damaging the tile as well. It will repel spills and dirt, while keeping the floors looking freshly cleaned for longer than an at-home cleaning would. Usually a professional cleaning will return floors up to 95% to its original condition, so sealing the floor is exceptionally important. If the floor is professionally cleaned and sealed at least once every year, your floors will always look brand new, while your tile and grout will stay healthy and beautiful.

There are rumors that baking soda, vinegar and other solutions that people have around the home will be sufficient for cleaning tile and grout. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. While at-home cleaners are great for cleaning other things in the home, and while they are completely natural and environmentally safe, they will not only make your floors worse, but they could also possibly damage your beautiful tile floor.

When you’ve spent your hard earned money on your flooring, why would you want to run the risk of damaging it and possibly needing to replace it? When our professionals have to go in and not only clean your flooring, but repair it from the damage that has been done with at-home cleaners, it will cost you more time and money to get it back to its original state. Call a professional cleaner to prevent damage, discoloration and further mold and mildew to your flooring.

All of our professional cleaners used are 100% environmentally safe, and also safe for use inside the home and around your family. The commercial steaming tool is used to remove a lot of the dirt naturally, so you aren’t risking ruining the environment when hiring professional tile and grout cleaners. You are not only conserving the environment, but you are conserving your flooring as well. The job can be done in as little as 2 hours, and you won’t have to do any of the work. Calling a professional tile and grout cleaner is the only way to keep your beautiful floors lasting a lifetime.

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