Spring into Cleaning This Fall!

After a long, hot summer, you’re probably looking forward to fall in Florida. Residents have the advantage of being able to enjoy the milder temperatures while still soaking up plenty of sunshine.

As you’re making your fall list of things to do, don’t forget to include spring cleaning. After all, it’s spring somewhere, and fall is the perfect time to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your home and tackle the tasks you’ve been putting off.


No room of your home is used more than the kitchen, so it’s a great place to start your cleaning spree. You likely clean the surfaces of your appliances on a regular basis, but now is the time to go deeper.

Empty everything out of the refrigerator, and wipe down the shelves with a mild cleaning solution. If your shelves are removable, you can soak them in your sink to remove any stubborn stains. Defrosting your freezer is an excellent way to keep it running smoothly. After you empty it, turn off the power and thoroughly clean the interior.

Tile is one of the most common flooring for kitchens, so don’t forget to give your floor some attention. If it’s still looking dingy after a thorough cleaning, schedule an appointment with Gulf Coast Tile & Grout Renewal to receive professional help.


Every member of the family can chip in and help with cleaning the bedrooms. Remove all of the linens from the beds, and turn your mattresses so they will wear out evenly. While fall nights are still warm in Florida, they will soon get a little chillier. You might want to take out stored blankets and start airing them out, ready for winter. Clean your pillows by washing them in your washing machine and allowing them to air dry.


Next, keep germs at bay and make your bathrooms sparkle by cleaning these rooms. Take some time to go through your medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers, and throw away any products that are expired or you no longer use. While you’re sorting through your supplies, make a note of any first aid items or basic medications that you need to purchase.

There’s nothing quite like the power of bleach to kill germs, so keep your bathroom safe by diluting bleach in water and thoroughly cleaning the floor and all surfaces.


You’ll be spending plenty of time outside when the milder fall weather arrives, so now is a great time to get your outdoor living spaces ready to use. A mild dishwashing liquid is effective in cleaning outdoor furniture when it’s mixed with water, and you can remove debris and spiderwebs from your lanai area by using a soft-bristled broom.

If you notice that mildew is forming on your deck, pool cage or sidewalks, mix one part bleach with three parts water. Use this solution and a cleaning brush to remove the mildew from your outdoor surfaces.

Friends and family love to visit Florida once the cooler weather arrives up north. When you perform your spring cleaning in the fall, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests!

Gulf Coast Tile & Grout Renewal

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