Revamp Your Pool By Brightening Up The Tiles

Now that summer is here it is time to enjoy your backyard pool. If you’re pool is a few years old, it is probably showing its age. The sun can damage the color of the tiles. There can be a buildup of calcium on the tiles, causing them to look dull. Also, the grout can begin to discolor. You don’t have to settle for an ugly looking pool. Just like you clean the grout and tile in your bathroom and kitchen, you can have the tile in your pool cleaned.

How Would My Pool Tile Be Cleaned?

When you call in tile cleaning professionals, they will determine if the water level needs to be lowered. If the tiles extend below the surface of the water, then the pool will need to be drained to a particular level.

The next thing they will do is descale the tiles. This is a process that removes the calcium buildup. The water in the pool causes the calcium buildup. There is no way to prevent this. You should consider removing the calcium buildup part of a long-term maintenance plan.

The next step is to clean the grout. This is a more intensive process. The grout needs to be cleaned very thoroughly before being sealed, otherwise any stains or dirt will be sealed in.

At this point, if you are happy with the color of your grout, a sealer is applied. This will help prevent any discoloration to the tile of grout in the future.

What If I Want To Change The Grout Color?

You can certainly change the color of grout. Don’t think that you need to stick to white grout, for example, if your tiles are blue and you want to match the grout with your tile. The process starts after the tiles and grout have been cleaned. At this point the tile professional will apply your color of choice. The stain used for grout is a special long-lasting dye, that after it is sealed, will keep its color and look good for years to come.

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