Grout Sealing

In order to properly protect your grout, you will want to have it sealed. The first step is to have the floor cleaned and rinsed and, once this is done, a clear and penetrating seal is applied which will protect it from future staining or discoloration in addition to keeping daily dirt from getting in. Residents of Southwest Florida need to consider the humidity and realize that if a lot of moisture gets into the grout, it can destroy your tiles. Sealing your grout can prevent this from happening.

Grout sealing is important and advantageous in other ways too.

  • Once your grout is sealed, it is a lot easier to clean and will stay in better shape for a longer period of time.
  • This means that it will also be more cost effective. The longer it stays in good condition, the less chance it will crack and cause you to replace it.

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