Bringing your Tile & Grout Back to Life

Tile surfaces have a reputation for cleanliness, a desirable quality in a construction material that every family member contacts at least once every day. The glazed finish on smooth, ceramic tile provides no hiding place for germs and bacteria. However, the grout that holds pieces of tile together has none of its qualities. A cement-based material that is highly porous and absorbent, grout can resist bacteria, mildew and staining only when it is properly cleaned and sealed. Restoring grout to its former beauty through a renewal process can make it attractive again, and sealing guards it against deterioration and stains.

Renewing Tile Surfaces in Southwest Florida Homes

High humidity and warmth sometimes makes living in Florida seem as cozy as a hot house, but it presents some challenges as well. Climates that are hot and dry allow tile surfaces to dry immediately, but that is not the case along the Gulf coast. It is not unusual to find that a shower floor remains damp all day, giving bacteria and mildew an environment that encourages growth. Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Removal has a remedy that completely renews tile installations and makes them look beautiful again.

Gaining Advantages of Professional Grout Cleaning

Aside from requiring hard work and hours of labor, cleaning grout with chemicals from a home improvement store presents health hazards from fumes and contact with skin. Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Removal has high tech equipment that cleans deeply and effectively. Surface cleaning on a daily basis may temporarily improve the appearance of deeply stained grout, but it does not achieve the desired effect. Counter tops as well as kitchen and bathroom floors need a thorough professional cleaning as the first step in renewing them and making them safe to use.

Extending the Life of Tile and Grout Surfaces

Financial benefits from a professional sealing process on tile grout include easier cleaning with ordinary products and an extended lifespan. Grout that is sealed is easier to maintain routinely. Stains that invade grout that has lost its seal are often nearly impossible to remove, but renewed grout surfaces repel them. In the renewal process, the professional artisans at Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Renewal can repair chipped or cracked ceramic tile that detracts from the beauty of a home.

Cracks can occur in grout that is not properly maintained, and replacing it is often the only option that is available. Keeping grout in good condition reduces the likelihood that cracks can occur, making replacement unnecessary. A simpler and more cost effective practice is to maintain it with periodic professional cleaning and sealing to extend its useful life. A sealant that penetrates deeply into the grout protects it from stains, discoloration and dirt. The effect of constant dampness in grout is damaging to tile, and a protective seal prevents damage from occurring.

Introducing a Touch of Color

Revitalizing tile counter tops or floors with color is an option that Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Renewal offers homeowners. A new color of grout can transform the appearance of a room, and dramatic improvements can occur when it is lightened or dimmed. Grout coloring guards against typical problems, and a color seal transforms a porous material into one that is waterproof and stain proof.

Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Renewal provides a valuable service that enhances the appearance of Southwest Florida homes more economically than major renovations while creating a similar effect. The transformation that occurs to tile floors by professional cleaning, sealing and coloring complements a home’s decor. Spring is the ideal time to prepare for the upcoming humid months.


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