Avoid These Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes in Cape Coral

Tile is a popular flooring choice in Florida for many reasons. It is durable, cost effective, beautiful and is a great fit for our tropical climate. Your tile can last for decades if it is cared for properly, and you want to keep it clean and beautiful for as long as possible.
However, many homeowners make the same mistakes over and over when they are cleaning their tile flooring. If you want to keep your tile and grout looking great without causing any damage, avoid these common tile and grout cleaning mistakes.

Ignoring Furniture Placement

Tile flooring is strong and durable, but it can still be damaged by heavy furniture, especially when heavy force is applied to it. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to prevent tile damage.
Simply place furniture protectors on the bottom of all of your chair legs and table legs. You can also place protectors on the bottom of any other heavy items, such as large potted plants or sculptures.  Most tile damage takes place as furnishings are moved, so use caution when moving your furniture from one area to another. If you’re moving something heavy, ask someone else for help so you do not have to drag the furniture across your tile floors.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Substances

One of the most common cleaning mistakes is using harsh substances to clean your tile and grout. Some people believe that cleaners have to be incredibly strong to be effective. However, this is not true, and cleaners that are too harsh can severely damage your tile and grout. Bleach and ammonia-based cleaners might appear to do a great job, but they can discolor your grout if they are used consistently.  There are plenty of milder cleaning products that will help your tile sparkle without any risk of damage. If you’re unsure about what type of cleaner is right for your tile, check with the tile manufacturer for cleaning substance recommendations. You also can’t go wrong with a natural all-purpose cleaner or a little warm water and mild soap.

Infrequent Cleaning

You have a busy schedule, but it is still important to clean your tile on a regular basis. It is especially important to make sure that spills are wiped up immediately. If liquid is left on your flooring, it can stain both your tile and your grout.  If you know that a liquid can stain your clothes, it can also damage your tile. Dark liquids, such as red wine, coffee and tomato sauce, can cause stains quickly, and these stains can be challenging to remove.  Even if you don’t spill anything on your tile floors, they still need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and dust. Even a small amount of dirt can damage the finish of your flooring and discolor your grout.  Fortunately, keeping your tile clean does not have to be a time consuming process. Try to sweep your floors every day, and perform a deeper cleaning, such as mopping, once a week.

If you need professional assistance to help your tile and grout look great again, Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Renewal is here to help. We offer a wide range of services, and our experienced employees know how to thoroughly clean your flooring without causing any damage.  You don’t have to replace your tile just because it is stained and dingy. Instead, save both time and money by contacting Gulf Coast Tile and Grout Renewal. Whether you just need a thorough cleaning or professional repair services, we’ll make sure that your flooring looks great while staying within your budget.

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