6 Common Tile Types Used in Florida


Everyday life brings messes and normal dirt and grime. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have floors that look brand new. Getting your flooring cleaned will spruce up your home and help you to feel like you are walking on brand new flooring when it really isn’t new at all. Natural and synthetic tile can be cleaned, but all are completely different.  Here are some examples:


There are several different types of natural flooring used in most homes in Florida. Slate is used in both indoor and outdoor flooring. Because it is a rougher natural material, it has a low water absorption and almost never has a high polish unless it has a coating that will help it have a more polished look. Slate has high clay content so it can develop efflorescence in wet areas. Color can be applied to slate to create a different and brighter look. Slate should always be professionally sealed and cleaned.


Terrazzo is another beautiful natural material used for tile flooring. It is produced by pouring a cement material into a slab containing marble chips. These chips can be different sizes, but they are not uniform in nature, so terrazzo tile gives a natural look and feel. Much like marble, each slab of terrazzo can be polished, honed and ground. Terrazzo looks very similar to granite. Besides sweeping up dust and other dirt particles, terrazzo should be professionally sealed and cleaned as well.


Limestone that forms in hot springs creates travertine tile. Erosion of these stones by the water moved through the springs creates holes in the stone. These holes are in no way uniform and are never equal in size. Travertine tile that is polished will usually have filler that is a certain color that matches its cement filler. The fillers are blotchy when polished, so a professional should clean any travertine floor tiles in the home.


One of the most widely used natural stone flooring is marble tile. Marble is a calcium carbonate stone. It is a metamorphic rock. It reacts to acids and can take on a high gloss look that gives the home a more formal and richer look. Marble does tend to scratch easily, but fortunately marble tile contains a vein like structure, swirls of color differentiation and natural banding. A professional marble cleaner should be used, especially on high traffic areas in order to keep the marble in good condition and looking great. A professional cleaner will remove dirt and stains and restore the protective layer that it needs to endure normal wear and tear.


There are also synthetic tiles that are often times used for flooring in the sunny and beautiful state of Florida. Ceramic tile is a prime example of a man-made material. Ceramic tile is clay-fired and the surfaces are glazed ceramic and usually do not require a sealant or protective treatment. The glaze used will normally give the tile a protective stability against stains and dirt. It will also give it a cleaner and shinier look, which is more aesthetically pleasing. Most ceramic tiles used in homes in this day and age are produced to resemble real natural stone. Ceramic tile is easier to clean, but should still be done by a professional to ensure that it is not harmed in the cleaning process.


Porcelain tile is a harder tile that is resistant to chemicals, absorbing water, freezing and scratching. This type of tile should be polished professionally and has a shine much like a mirror. With this polish, the porcelain tile can be marked, while unpolished and natural porcelain is not as susceptible to marking. It can be polished and honed but this is extremely difficult and should only be done by a professional.

Having tile floors cleaned professionally provides every type of tile flooring the opportunity to be cleaned and polished the right way so that there is not damage done. It is much more difficult to clean and polish natural and synthetic tiles if you do choose to do it yourself. A professional can remove the most dirt and grime and can allow your tile floor to look brand new again.

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